Friday, November 24, 2017

TimeIn provides a free set of tools to help you manage every day life.

Calendars - Maintain, share, publish and view calendars for yourself, with your family, friends, co-workers or the public. Remember and be reminded of everyday events. Multiple views let you separate personal and work activities securely. Check out some public calendars others have created!

To Do Lists - Simple check-lists. The grocery list, movies you want to see, tasks to finish before Friday. Things you do every day, once a year, or once in a lifetime. We'll help you keep track of it.

Contacts - Maintain your address book on-line. Keep your private address book separate from your work. Import and export your contacts to/from other applications. Mapping and local search functions with your address book.

Journals - Simple diary functionality. Maintain journals on your life, your diet, your workouts, your children... anything you might want to remember or share in the future.

Privacy and security - TimeIn is committed to your privacy. Your data and content is for your eyes only unless you share it with someone else. For more details see the TimeIn privacy policy.

Coming soon - New personal productivity and communication features are being added regularly. Tell us what you think or what features you'd like to have:

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